Self Reflection

Because what's inside matters.

A Badass Collection by Eli Halpin.

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Have you ever felt like you had a layer of something weighing you down?

The Artist

Eli Halpin

Eli Halpin grew up in Alaska and now lives and paints full time in Austin Texas.

Her focus is on animal face expressions while enjoying and celebrating their paws, cheeks, whiskers, claws, hooves, antlers, horns and tusks.

Eli’s paintings tell stories of living together, working together, eating together, the sacredness of food, friendship, family, sharing and the cycle of life and death.

The painted scenes are infused with humor and romance while emphasizing the instinct, intuition and wisdom of nature.

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Eli Halpin
Oil Spill by Eli Halpin

The Art

Oil Spill

Our second bag features a collection of paintings collectively titled "Oil Spill"

We worked with the artist to capture a provacative new look at some of our favorite furry, feathered, and scaly friends.

Oil and metal leaf on stretched canvas with glossy black framing.

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Original Artwork

"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked." –Kahlil Gibran

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Limited Production

Each bag is signed by the artist, and includes a high-quality frameable print of the original artwork.

Made with Love

Nylon and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, with aluminum buckles and padded laptop sleeve.

Delivered Globally

From Austin to your doorstep, our bags are ready to travel and enjoyed around the world.

Adam's Choice by Cheryl Hicks

Self Reflection

Shine through the darkness and journey bravely with this controversial and inspirational backpack collection.

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Sometimes it’s good to remember that immediately under that layer is you -beautiful, powerful, pure and true.

Learn more about the art, the artists, and the bag-making process.

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